Unique Facets

The school offers students a unique educational experience which, in many ways, is different from schools elsewhere. There are many salient and distinguishing features which contribute towards making the school exclusive and exceptional in the sphere of higher secondary school education.

Salient Features

Integral System of Education: The physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the personality of the student are sought to be developed with a stress on Character Development: A major focus of the school is character development, in addition to academic excellence. Inculcating the virtues of adherence to truth and discipline, dedication to duty and devotion to the Supreme is as important as academic excellence.


The school has students hailing from slate godam and adjoining areas, belonging to lower economic strata of the society .They fully participate in all the festivals celebrated, and cultural programmers conducted at the school. This serves to give them a feel of the hallowed ideals of ‘Unity-Purity-Divinity’, which is the quintessence of Indian culture. The students also participate in all the Sai functions conducted by local Sai Samithi like akhand bhajans, festival celebrations and children’s performances of Bal Vikas.

Dedicated Teachers

The school has a highly competent and dedicated team of teachers drawn from different acadmic fields who are committed to be exemplars of values. The tutors give personal attention to every student much like the ancient gurukula system and ensure an atmosphere of love and care.

Integration of Value Education

The school integrates value education and teaching in all its programmes. It is the relentless pursuit at the school to instill in every student the universal and timeless doctrine of Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man. There are also special Human Value classes held to provide students a deeper insight into religion and philosophy.

Human Values Course

In addition to the usual curriculum, a basic spiritual education course drawn upon the universal Sai principles of Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa is instructed at the school not merely by precept but more by example. Nurturing Climate: The school has a fostering climate based on the twin foundations of love and discipline. It is suffused with prayers, bhajans, stories and parables drawn from different faiths of the world.

Free Education

The education at the school is completely free of charge. The school does not collect any fees whatsoever from the students. In addition, school provides free books, stationery and uniforms.