Academic Year

The academic year lasts from the 1st of Apr of a calendar year to the 31st of March of the next year. The school has a long break for summer (during Jun-Jul) and a short break for winter vacation (during January), the dates of which are announced during the respective academic year.

First term : June to October

Second term : November to March

Courses of Study

The curriculum for the classes is as prescribed by HP Board of School Education Dharamshala (HP). Subjects dealt with in the school is A course in “Human Values” is taught to students to all the classes. The class-wise details of other subjects are as below:

Primary Classes – I to VIII

English Hindi Sanskrit Mathematics Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography) Drawing and painting Work Experience Physical Education and Games Music General Knowledge

Secondary Classes – IX & X

English Sanskrit Mathematics Science (Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences) Social Sciences (History, Civics/Economics, Geography) Health and Physical Education Work Experience Art Education: Gardening, Paper Cutting, Needle work etc. Senior Secondary Classes – XI & XII ( to be introduced in due course of time)

I. Science Group

Compulsory: English Language (Core English) Electives: Combination I: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. (Computer Science is given to selected students from MPC group) Combination II: Physics, Chemistry, Biology

II. Commerce Group

Compulsory: English Language (Core English) Electives:

Combination I:

Business Studies, Accountancy and Economics.

Combination II:

Mathematics, Accountancy and Economics.

Any one Second Language for all the above groups from:

Sanskrit / Hindi.

Work Experience, General studies, Health and Physical Education are common for all the groups.

Talent Search Programmes

The school provides facilities for a number of co-curricular activites designed as Talent Search Programmes. These activities are meant to develop communication abilities and perceptual skills apart from proper utilisation of leisure time. It also gives to the students an experience of fellowship and mutual-aid which are essential ingredients of a well balanced personality. Student participation in most of these activities is compulsory. List of Activities:

Dramatics (English, Hindi) Recitation Public Speaking (English, Hindi) Hand-Writing competition Essay Writing Story Telling Debate and Elocution Quiz Gardening Needle work Knitting Paper Craft

Extra-curricular Activities

The school provides a conducive and an encouraging environment for students to pursue their interests and hone skills in their choice-area of activities besides co-curricular and academic pursuits.

Games and Sports

The school has a play ground in which all outdoor games besides conduct of PT and Drill is done. Inter-house competitions are also held for a variety of indoor games every year. For the Annual Games and Sports Meet, all the students are divided into four houses of Sathya, Dharma,Santhi and Prema and inter-house competitions are held in all the games both for senior and junior students. Music: Music is an indivisible part of the students’ life at the school . Students who have musical talent in them get ample encouragement and guidance form experts in that particular field be it vocal, keyboard and harmonium instruments. Music seeps into every student’s personality in the school because they regularly learn and sing devotional songs and stotras during different festivals like Gurupoornima, Krishnastami, Sivaratri, New Year and Ganesh Chaturthi . During Christmas it in is a spectacular sight with the whole school alongwith the whole village going around with candles culminating in Sai Aarthi at the local village shiv mandir.

Dance:Students are encouraged to learn various dance forms. They get an oppurtunity to present their skills in front of large audiences in school functions and in the local Sai Samithy.


The students are encouraged to present small dramas on historical and religious events in school functions and other places, where such competitions are held. Children of the school have done extremly well in district level school competitions.

Vedam Chanting

The school gives lot of encouragement to students interested in learning Vedic mantras and hymns which are the rich treasure trove of Indian Culture.There are experienced and expert teachers who impart this sacred learning to interested students. Students, having learnt, get opportunity to chant them on important occasions and festivals.There are also competitions in Vedam Chanting Organised in the school


Artistically talented boys and girls get an opportunity to showcase their talent by putting them on the school notice board, etc.

Examinations and Promotions

Promotion to the higher class up to class X , is on the basis of Annual Record of the pupil which includes :

Project work / Practical Work. ( including internal periodic assessment) Class work and Home Assignments. Unit tests. Terminal Examination.

Annual Examination

The school will prepare students for the Secondary and Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (under 10+2 scheme) conducted by the HP Board& School Education Dharamshala (HP) .

Grading system set by HP board of school education Dharamshala is followed for all classes. A student getting ‘E’ grade and below will be required to take a grade improvement test in order to earn a promotion to the next class.