Upcoming Storey


Seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of these young people , one old couple ( Shree Gorakh Ram & Smt Kaushalya Devi ) of the village dedicated their house of two stories without taking any money for this divine mission of provision of school for the children of the village.With the divine grace , 33 children of village Slate Godam and adjoining villages joined the first inaugural session of the school named as “SAI EDUCARE VIDYA PRATISHTHAN” on 09 Apr 2010.With the dedication of the teachers and whole hearted support of the Sai Community of Dharamshala, the work of the new school building has started on the land donated by the same couple, who had given their home free of cost to the school and themselves had shifted to their old one room.

Two storeys have already been completed and the work is in full progress to construct three main stories to the existing building to accommodate all the classes.Presently 74 students from poor families are enrolled from classes 6 to 9.

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