Tribute Speech

The school has a play ground in which all outdoor games besides conduct of PT and Drill is done. Inter-house competitions are also held for a variety of indoor games every year. For the Annual Games and Sports Meet, all the students are divided into four houses of Sathya, Dharma,Santhi and Prema and inter-house competitions are held in all the games both for senior and junior students. Music: Music is an indivisible part of the students’ life at the school . Students who have musical talent in them get ample encouragement and guidance form experts in that particular field be it vocal, keyboard and harmonium instruments. Music seeps into every student’s personality in the school because they regularly learn and sing devotional songs and stotras during different festivals like Gurupoornima, Krishnastami, Sivaratri, New Year and Ganesh Chaturthi . During Christmas it in is a spectacular sight with the whole school alongwith the whole village going around with candles culminating in Sai Aarthi at the local village shiv mandir.

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